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Основна школа "Живко Томић" Доња Шаторња

34314 Доња Шаторња


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The primary school “Živko Tomić” Donja Šatornja ПДФ Штампа Ел. пошта
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The primary school “Živko Tomić” Donja Šatornja

The municipality of Topola, the district of Kragujevac

The town Topola is in the central part of Šumadija. The municipality of the town Topola consists of 31 settlements.

The municipality of Topola has five primary schools. The primary schools are in the town Topola and in Donja Šatornja, Gornja Trnava, Belosavci and Natalinci. Each of these schools has main school and several small schools in surrounding villages.

The primary school “Živko Tomić” is the second primary school in the municipality of Topola, by size. In the foothill of Rudnik mountain, 11km far from Topola, on the highway Topola-Rudnik, this school is settled on the borders of three municipality : Arandjelovac, Topola and Gornji Milanovac. The school consists of the main school in Donja Šatornja( from first to eighth grade) and five more smaller schools( from first to fourth grade) in Blaznava, Vinča, Plaskovac, Trešnjevica, Jarmenovci. 232 pupils attend the school this 2018/2019. school year. The school has 47 employers.

Considering the dates of the Serbian Archive, in time of Serbian prince Aleksandar Karadjordjević, the son of Karadjordje Petrović, the primary school in Donja Šatornja had 10 pupils in 1845. The school celebrated anniversary 170 years of existing in 2015.

The school has wealthy tradition and history. A large number of successful generations of pupils and teachers expanaded from this school.The school is opened for collaboration and projects. The school has qualitative teachers, numerous awards and competition success in school subjects:biology, history, geography, Serbian language and English language. The school has got award Povelja “ Rodjenje Presvete Bogorodice” for contribution in education. In 2018/2019. the school starts the international programme”Eco-school” with support of the municipality of Topola . “Eco-school” aims to children education of ecology and ecological behaviour.

The school tries to follow public invitations for the investments. The gym for the Physical education has been building for some time. The gym is financed by the municipality of Topola and the Ministry of Economy.

The school has modest conditions for teaching. Employers and pupils try to enrich the working space and make it more comfortable.

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